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At R+R Packaging, we offer a diverse range of packaging solutions to ensure our customers have exactly what they need to efficiently and effectively run their business operations - this includes fish packaging supplies specific to the fishing industry. With our roots firmly based in the North East, we always strive to support and serve our local businesses and communities where we can.

As part of this, we’ve been lucky enough to have built strong relationships with key local fishing businesses in North Shields that are such an integral part of the area’s history and culture. Learning the ins and outs of their business needs along the way, we’ve crafted a range of seafood packaging supplies that cover a broad range of products specifically for use within the fishing industry.

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What Can We Supply?

From EPS fish boxes for packing and storing fish fresh off the trawlers to display packaging, cleaning products and protective clothing, we provide everything you need for storing, packing and displaying fish - while also maintaining a clean and healthy working environment.

For fisherman and fishmongers, the fantastic EPS fish box is an essential piece of equipment. Lightweight, robust, well-insulated and sustainable, these polystyrene boxes offer the perfect packing solution for processing fish coming into port. With unrivalled integrity, thermal properties and stackability, polystyrene fish boxes are designed to protect fish and seafood from both external temperatures and impacts during shipping - ensuring products arrive safely and fresh.

Why Choose EPS Fish Boxes?


EPS is effectively 98% air minimising weight impacts in transportation.


The 2% polystyrene cellular matrix gives outstanding impact resistance.


Unique insulation performance keeps fish safe and eradicates waste.

Hygienic & Safe

Hygienic & Safe EPS is non-toxic, chemically inert and fungi and bacteria cannot grow on it.


EPS is insoluble and non-hygroscopic.


Low Carbon Impacts

Clean manufacturing technologies mean minimal energy and water inputs with no production waste.


Highly efficient manufacture and localised production units mean EPS is a low cost, proven solution.


Styrene for EPS is a byproduct of oil refining but is also abundant in natural products such as strawberries, coffee beans and wine.


Most EPS packaging is easily recyclable where facilities exist.

Life cycle Advantages

Independent studies show that no alternative offers better LCA performance than EPS for fishboxes.

Catering Needs

Beyond the initial port processing and packing, our products extend to shop preparation and display and to the catering side of the fishing industry, too. We fully understand the importance of food hygiene and safety when working with fresh produce, as well as attractive presentation, so we’ve devised a range of fishing supplies that help to bolster these principles - making sure the fish stays fresh on its journey from port to plate.


Working closely with our customer base of seafood suppliers, fishmongers, wet fish shops restaurants and fish and chip shops, we manufacture high-quality seafood packaging solutions that guarantee products are delivered and presented as if they had been plucked straight from the sea.


Whether you want to maximise a product’s appeal with eye-catching shop displays or ensure fresh fish is stored and prepared correctly in line with food hygiene regulations, you’ll find an extensive choice to meet your unique needs.


To find out more about our fantastic selection of fish industry supplies, browse our full range today or give our sales team a call to discuss your requirements in more detail. With years of experience working with the North Shields quay and related businesses, our expert team will be happy to take you through our product range to help you find the best seafood packing solutions for your business.

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