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R+R Packaging is one of the UK’s leading food packaging suppliers - and with good reason. When it comes to your food packaging, we understand it’s essential to present your products in the best possible light, whether you’re serving hot food such as roast dinners or noodles, cold foods such as salads or sandwiches, or dessert options like cakes or cookies. As such, we stock a huge range of smart, practical packaging options, ensuring customer satisfaction every single time.

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In our range, you can be sure that we stock something to suit your needs, regardless of whether you’re a cosy neighbourhood café brewing fresh cups of coffee or a high-street takeaway cooking up speciality cuisine. Our versatile and extensive range makes R+R Packaging a trusted supplier to many of the UK’s small businesses around our base in the North East, the surrounding counties and far beyond - providing effective packaging solutions for an array of cuisine types and serving styles.

From eye-catching kids' meal boxes that are sure to have your children’s sandwiches flying off your shelves to reusable microwavable containers that guarantee practicality every time, we’ve got you covered both in the kitchen and at the front of house. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about on-the-go food providers, though - on the contrary, our selection of fast food packaging and takeaway supplies means we’re sure to have an instant packaging solution for pop-up stores, street vendors and more.

Browse our full range of food packaging supplies below to find the perfect packaging solution for your food business. If you require any assistance or simply want to know more about our extensive selection of packaging options, give us a call at 01670 546666 or drop us an email at [email protected].

R+R Packaging is committed to helping your food business cut back on its environmental impact - that’s why we’re always on the lookout for the latest developments in eco-friendly packaging. As environmentalism rightly becomes a more prominent focus in business best-practice, investing in greener packaging options has an array of benefits for your food business’s ethical value, brand image and profitability - all while helping do your bit for the planet. That’s why our BePulp bagasse range boasts an array of certified compostable and renewable packaging products, from cups and containers to plates and bowls.

Here at R+R Packaging, we’re further committed to ensuring the safety of customers through proper sanitation. Understanding the importance of health and safety in the food industry, products such as our food labelling system, allergen label kit and tamper-proof meal prep containers prevent contamination across your product rage to ensure the safety of all of your customers, keeping them coming back time and time again.

We understand that the perfect food product packaging provides both practicality and style. After all, good packaging properly reflects the quality of the product inside. With that in mind, our range of food packaging options boast both a refined aesthetic and unrivaled functionality to ensure only the highest quality every time. From traditionally styled serving options like our classic baguette tray to practical transportation and stocking options like our fishing industry boxes, practicality and design remain at the forefront of all of our packaging ranges.

We also understand that reliability is an important factor when it comes to picking a packaging supplier. That’s why we strive to ensure our delivery services always arrive on time, exactly when promised. You can find out more details about our affordable delivery options here, which include next-day delivery at a cost-effective price. Alternatively, if you’re a business based in the North East of England, you might even be eligible for free delivery!

With years of experience supplying high-quality packaging products to the food industry, you can rest assured your packaging requirements are covered by R+R Packaging. With bulk-buy options on all of our products available in a selection of sizes, styles and materials, we’re sure to have the right packaging solution for your various food products - from cake and ice-cream to soups and salads.

There’s a lot to take into consideration when choosing the right food packaging for your business, so we recommend browsing through our extensive range of food packaging options to find the right solution for you.

For additional advice or guidance about any aspect of your requirements, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01670 546666 or email [email protected] and a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team will always be happy to help.

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