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Introducing the MenuPilot System from Safety Label
Industry Leader, DayMark

Allowing you to wirelessly print informative allergen awareness labels with ease, the MenuPilot system from DayMark reduces the dependence on hardware while increasing your business’s safety performance. Acting as a key ingredient in your food or drink establishment, this system effectively communicates crucial menu and labelling training data to help you and your team better manage your labelling and packaging operations through this cloud-based food labelling automation platform.

UK & European Distributors

What is it about the MenuPilot System that makes
it right for your business?

With UK Government food labelling and packaging regulations specifying that, for drinks and food products containing two or more ingredients, ingredients must be listed and allergens highlighted, there really is no better time to invest in DayMark’s innovative MenuPilot system - protecting the health and safety of your customers and the integrity of your business. Combining a corporate dashboard that contains an overview of menu items and recipes with a kitchen interface that covers labeling compliance on location, as well as companion hardware (bluetooth-enabled thermal printer) to print high-quality labels, the MenuPilot has all you need to run your business safely and more efficiently.

With the inclusion of a regularly updated training platform available to staff at all times as part of the MenuPilot’s MenuCommand feature, labour costs are reduced and directed away from physical training exercises. In addition to this, DayMark’s comprehensive food labelling system doesn’t require you to regularly pay for subscription, maintenance or contract costs - saving you money compared to competitor products that offer fewer additional features. Whether you’re a takeaway food vendor, cafe owner, restaurateur or shopkeeper, the MenuPilot System presents a variety of innovative features necessary to keep both your kitchen and customer base safe.

Whether you’re a street food vendor or an
established chain owner, MenuPilot can help

Key features include:

  • An easy-to-maintain, highly secure online web portal. Using DayMark’s own innovative cloud-based software, there’s no software to install and updates are made automatically - removing the need for any additional downloads or software updates
  • Thermal printing instead of ink, minimising both mess and future maintenance costs
  • Built-in menu management software means that recipes and menus are easy to create due to the regularly updated list of ingredients and product information readily available to users
  • Dynamic, easy-to-use user interface, which works via Bluetooth to quickly find and print labels
  • Training videos complete with recipe cards and cleaning procedures to ensure safety at all times
  • Multiple label formats with a variety of adhesive types, allowing you to personalise your labels with required information to be placed on your food or drink packaging

With a variety of food label designs available,
there are endless amounts of options for you to
choose from for your food and drinks packaging

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